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Chemical & Rescue Company History


The Chemical and Rescue Company was organized on November 15th, 1926 becoming the fourth company to make up the Lindenhurst Fire Department. This also made the Lindenhurst Fire Department the first fire department in New York State to have its own Rescue Company. The main event that led up to the organization of the Rescue Co. happened in the summer of 1926. The Hook & Ladder racing team was practicing on South Third Street, they had a ladder on the truck with the hose tied around it. Just as they started down the track an airplane flying overhead began to sputter and fall out of the sky. The racing team did not stop at the practice structure but kept on going to where the plane fell in the Meridale Park section of Lindenhurst. The members pulled the two men out of the plane, put the fire out and rushed the two men to the hospital in the racing truck. The four members later resigned from the Hook & Ladder Co. to form the Rescue Company. They were Theodore Nass, Charles Blankenhorn, Alfred Mielke and Fred Wrieth. 

The Rescue Company’s main objective was the preservation and protection of life and property from fires and accidents that may occur in the Village of Lindenhurst and its vicinity, or in districts that may be under contract for fire protection from the Lindenhurst Fire Department.

Our first rescue apparatus was the old Reo truck. It had a chemical tank and a hose basket. Two stretchers, two first aid kits, and an inhalator were added to it later on. This truck was the first motor powered apparatus in the Lindenhurst Fire Department. The body was taken off the horse drawn hose cart and put on the Reo truck chassis. 

Membership was limited in the company. Certification of Incorporation specified that the membership be no more than twenty five active members and five honorary members. As the call volume went up over the years the limit of members became sixty five active members plus all of the honorary members. First aid instructions in this company began on Tuesday evening, April 26th, 1927. A Red Cross standard and advanced first aid card was required to be an active member.

The old Reo truck was the first apparatus used by the Company, it was obtained at no cost. Next we had a canvas-covered American LaFrance that cost about $5,000. In 1939, by a vote of 563 to 230 the people of the Village approved the Mack truck at a cost of $5,500. We then obtained a Cadillac ambulance at a cost of $10,712.50.

First Aid has come a long way since it was first started. Aside from fires, the Chemical and Rescue Company responds to such calls as plane crashes and car accidents which may require the use of victim extrication equipment such as the Jaws of Life, our heavy rescue truck is equipped with multiple variations of these tools.  When it comes to medical emergencies, we respond to such calls as cardiac arrest, chest pain, respiratory difficulties, seizures, strokes, water rescues on the Great South Bay and maternity. Also, all trauma emergencies that may occur. The members who respond to these calls vary from basic life support (BLS) to personnel with advanced life support (ALS). Although our primary purpose is medical related calls, to this day Rescue Company members are required to carry a current firefighting certification of at least Firefighter 1.

Outside of the primary responsibilities of the Rescue Company we also perform other functions such as participating in tournaments and parades at both County and State levels. It is not all fighting fires and saving lives. We also participate in a variety of social activities to be enjoyed by members and families as well, along with the residents of Lindenhurst.

Today all Rescue Company members are required to obtained a minimum training level of New York State Emergency Medical Technician Basic certification. This certification requires approximately 200+ hours of both classroom and hands on training. Year after year as the population has increased, our call volume increases as well. On average the Rescue Company responds to over 2,300 medical/trauma related alarms annually and nearly 3000 total emergency calls, all within our less than 4.5 square mile village.  The Lindenhurst Chemical and Rescue Company # 1 currently operates a Heavy Rescue truck (1-6-5), two ALS equipped Ambulances (1-6-7, 1-6-17),  and two BLS equipped bicycles for community events (1-6-81, 1-6-82). If you need us, we will be there.

History provided by Thomas Maiorano, Marissa Piegari and current/past members of the LFD Chemical and Rescue Co. 1

This page is dedicated to former LFD Chaplain, member and friend Ex Captain George Oates. Forever in our hearts, never forgotten.


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