South Strongs Avenue House Fire
By Council Member Paul Mazza
September 23, 2022

In the early evening hours of June 12th, 2022 the Lindenhurst Fire Department responded to a reported house fire on South Strongs Avenue. First Assistant Chief Collins arrived first and had fire showing from the rear of a one story home as qepl as a shed on fire and transmitted a working fire. Chief of Department DeGregorio, Second and Third Assistant Chiefs Santos and Cutolo arrived shortly after. Engine 1-6-1 was first due and had a hydrant across from the house, Engines 1-6-3 and 1-6-6 arrived just after 1-6-1, Engine 1-6-2 initially went to 16th street investigate possible extension into a neighboring yard. Ladder 1-6-4 set up in front of the house and it's crew began searches and venting. Engine crews stretched and operated three lines to extinguish the fire and bring it under control in about an hour. All searches of the home were negative, the occupant home at the time was able to exit the house safely prior to the fire departments arrival. Mutual aid to the scene was provided by the North Lindenhurst Fire Department for an Engine, the Copiague Fire Department for RIT and the West Babylon Fire Department for an Ambulance. There were no injuries.

Additional photos can be found in the link below