Fatal boating accident 30 years ago today
By George Collins
May 25, 2021

On Saturday, May 25, 1991 at approximately 12 noon, the dive team of the Lindenhurst Fire Department was toned out for a water rescue call: man overboard.
Bay Company member Doug Negretti and Rescue Company member Guy Cassara responded with FD vessel 1-6-19. Hose Company member Steve Smaldon, who responded on his private jet ski, was the first on the scene.

Steve Smaldon located the victim face down in the water, and signaled to the SCPD Helicopter-3 overhead, who relayed the victims location to SCPD vessel Marine Echo-1 nearby. Steve Smaldon entered the choppy water, as FD vessel 1-6-19 arrived on the scene. Doug Negretti, wearing a dive suit, also entered the water as Guy Cassara transferred lifesaving equipment to Marine Echo-1.

The victim was removed from the water onto the deck of Marine Echo-1. Members of the Lindenhurst Fire Department began rendering first aid thus enabling the police officers to navigate the vessel to the Lindenhurst dock for transport via helicopter to the Nassau County Medical Center.

Written Statements from SCPD officers Artie Sirico and James Reilly said:
“It should be noted that due to sea conditions said fire department personnel without hesitation had to enter water... and further had to balance themselves on deck of Marine Echo-1 while performing CPR during the transport process to shore.”


Dennis F. Lyman May 25, 2021 at 10:17 PM
The boat in the upper right of the posted picture was T.O.B marine boat. In 1995 it was declared surplus. L.F.D would purchase it for $1. Senator Owen Johnson and legislator, Bob Sweeney secured a $15,000 grant for the outboard engine and portable fire fighting pump that is still in use today.